Hi, I'm Yarien Mendez, a seasoned Full Stack Developer with a flair for crafting dynamic and responsive web applications. My expertise lies in Python, TypeScript, React, and Svelte, ensuring that every project not only functions seamlessly but also delivers a stellar user experience.

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About me

Hello, I'm Mendez, a Full Stack Developer based in Miami.
My toolkit includes:

  • JavaScrypt - TypeScript
  • React - Svelte
  • API Developmet
  • Python
  • Automation
  • Data - Pandas - Numpy

Outside of programming, I'm enthusiastic about exploring emerging tech and gadgets. A unique hobby I enjoy is delving into different technologies - they're like intriguing puzzles to me.

Although I have my favorite technologies, I'm always open to using whatever tool best fits the project. My ultimate aim is to craft the ideal solution for every challenge.

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[email protected]

Miami, FL


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Currently working as Software Engineer building the future of real state

Empowering 4Geeks Academy students to transition from novices to web developers at Miami Dade College bootcamp.